Our Brewery Production is expanding to house 100,000 BBLS from 10,000 with a separate space for our Brewery and Distillery. Our new state-of-the-art facility will include a beer garden, rooftop space with Pell Bridge views, expanded parking, and much more. We’re excited to share our progress, stay tuned for more updates!

May 2023:

renovations, may 1 2023renovations, may 2 2023renovations, may 3 2023renovations, may 4 2023

April 2023:
Check out our shiny new 240 bbl tanks getting inspected and prepped for installation! Hit another milestone this week paving many of the roads and parking lots at the brewery, a massive improvement with the new layout.

renovations, april 1 2023renovations, april 6 2023renovations, april 8 2023renovations, april 9 2023renovations, april 10 2023renovations, april 12 2023

March 2023:
Construction Update 🏗️ Things are looking up! We've continued the interior buildout and framing of the second floor and roughing in some utilities. Outside we are working on running water lines to the building while prepping the next area for paving. It's all coming together!

renovations, march 1 2023renovations, march 2 2023renovations, march 3 2023renovations, march 4 2023

February 2023:

renovations, february 1 2023renovations, february 2 2023renovations, february 3 2023renovations, february 4 2023renovations, february 5 2023

January 2023:
Silo is moved to it's new location on the property, another huge development in our renovation project!

renovations, january 1 2023renovations, january 2 2023

December 2022:
It's been a little while since we have done a construction update, and we have made a lot of progress! The sides of the building have started to go up, as well as the inside of our taproom fully being demolished! The construction team has been working hard to quickly get the siding up on the building. The teams have fully moved inside to start the build up process of this part of the project. With things moving fast, Fall 2023 is just on the horizon!

renovations, december 1 2023renovations, december 2 2023

November 2022:
Huge progress has been made in our construction zone as the structure of the building has gone up. Our construction workers have been hard at work getting this project done and we couldn't be happier with the results so far. In the last few weeks, the renovation of our building has made massive progress with the roofing being added and moving inside to demo/renovate the old tasting room. The first week of November 2022, the inside of the building has started the renovation process. The construction team has been working diligently to keep the process moving and we couldn't be more excited!

renovations, november 1 2022renovations, november 2 2022

September 2022:
Our renovation project has been smooth sailing with lots of progression on the building structure and overall area. Our construction team has just installed parts of the drainage system and finished up part of the loading/new entrance. The expansion project has made huge progress and we can't wait till Fall 2023!

August 2022:
Huge progress has been made in our construction zone as the structure of the building has gone up. Our construction workers have been hard at work getting this project done and we couldn't be happier with the results so far. Soon we will be able to put the expansion to use with brewing, outdoor sipping, events, & more!

July 2022:
Another big update with our renovation project, we have made movement on the inside of the building. Pictured here are some workers working on building the elevator inside of the building. In the next coming weeks, we will see more walls and structures being put up. This means closer to the final reveal of the renovation!

June 2022:
Each week we see more and more progress in our renovation project. The space is starting to take form, with foundations being set, and walls being put up. Not too long till we get to put this space into action!

May 2022:
Constantly making progress! Things are starting to take shape for our renovation project. This week a concrete foundation was poured, and the beginning of structural set up kicked off. We are excited to see it continue coming to life.

March 2022:

renovations, march 1 2022renovations, march 2 2022renovations, march 4 2022renovations, march 6 2022renovations, march 7 2022renovations, march 10 2022renovations, march 12 2022


After three years of planning the, the time has finally come! Construction is underway and we are excited for the renovations to come. Think beer garden, rooftop space with Pell bridge views, a parking lot fit for over 200 cars, and best of all MORE BEER & SPIRITS. Stay tuned for more updates!

renovations blueprint - first


Right now the brewery is about 10,000 square feet. We plan to have our expansion be roughly 30,000 square feet. Our property will expand across 6 Acres with 300 parking spots.

By expanding the size of the brewery we will be able to host events of any kind. Looking to have a corporate outing? How about a wedding over looking downtown Newport and the Pell Bridge? Our new and improved space is the perfect place for all your upcoming events!


Our Beer Garden will be 60 feet in the air overlooking the outdoor game area where you can enjoy a Newport Craft cocktail and play a game of Bocce Ball.

renovations blueprint - second

  • renovations blueprint - third
  • renovations blueprint - fourth
  • renovations blueprint - fifth
  • renovations blueprint - sixth