FAQ: Tasting Room / Pavilion

Q. Do you allow kids and dogs?

A. We are kid-friendly and our outdoor pavilion is dog-friendly. We also offer doggy treats made from spent grains from the brewery. Don’t worry, they’re non-alcoholic! 

Q. What about large groups/party buses? 

A. We certainly can accommodate for your group. Reach out to our events coordinator for more details.

Q. Do we need a reservation? 

A. As any bar space, we are first come first serve. No reservation is needed for your party to hang out and drink unless you’d like a tour or the space to yourself.

Q. How much beer can I have at a time? What about spirits?

A. Legally, you are allowed to have 3 full pour draft beers in a day.

Q. What cocktails do you offer?

A. On our outdoor pavilion, we offer a variety of cocktails using only the freshest ingredients and our delicious spirits. Some include Mai Tai, Moonshine Margarita, Newport Stormy, Tom Collins, Rum Old Fashioned, and more!

Q. When is last call?

A. Last call is 15 minutes before scheduled closing time.

Q. Do you allow outside food?

A. Absolutely! Grab a pizza from Antonio’s down the street and tell them we said hi!

Q. Can you fill other breweries growlers? 

A. Yes, as long as they are 64oz growlers and clean!

Q. Do you have non-alcoholic beverages?

A. We can make non-alcoholic “mock-tails” in our outdoor pavilion during the warmer months. We of course have water for guests at all times.

Q. Do you give tours?

A. Sure do- check out our tour info page HERE

Q. I’m bringing a large group in – can I reserve space in the tasting room?

A. Yes you can- check out our large group info page HERE

Q. What is going on at the brewery this month? 

A. Check out our events page HERE

FAQ: Product

Q. Can I buy kegs from you? 

A. We can't sell you kegs out of the brewery due to the maximum ounces state law for breweries.

Q. Where can I buy a keg locally?

A. We distribute all over RI, so if you have a favorite liquor store, you can ask them to order a keg for you, and they should be able to do that through their Horizon Distributing representative.

Q. Can you ship beer or spirits to me?

A. Unfortunately, no.  Rhode Island state law prohibits sending/shipping alcohol in or out of the state.

Q. What about a Gluten Free option?

A. All of our spirits are gluten-free, except for our Sea Fog Whiskey.

Q. Do you send coasters/labels/bottle caps to collectors?

A. Sure thing- send a self-addressed stamped envelope to our brewery at 293 JT Connell Hwy, Newport RI, 02840

Q. Do your bottles and cans have a bottling date on them?

A. Yes they do. We want to make sure you enjoy the freshest brews so check the date on the side!

Q. How much beer can I buy from you? Can I buy multiple cases?

A. Legally, you are allowed to buy a maximum of 24 cans of beer at one time.

Q. How many bottles of spirits can I buy from you?

A. Legally, you are allowed to buy a maximum of 3 bottles of 750ml spirits at one time.  

Q. Do you have a Mug Club? 

A. Stay tuned!

FAQ: Company

Q. Who is this Thomas Tew Guy?

A.  Thomas Tew was one of the most famous Red Sea pirates from none other than Newport, RI. Read more about him HERE

Q. Can I work for you?

A. Visit our Employment page HERE

Q. Do you offer internships?

A. Visit our Intern page HERE

Q. What are those big tanks for? How much can they hold?

A.  Those are fermentation vessels.  That is where our beer turns into beer by producing alcohol and CO2.  They are 60 bbls or the equivalent of 120 kegs.