Lights, Camera, Action boys

FoodQuest - an epicurean adventure unlike anything you've ever seen, stopped by the brewery on Thursday for an epic sit down for a few handsome fellas who you may recognize.

Newport Craft Foodquest interview

Hosts Courtney & Mario Lopez are on a journey around the world to discover fresh flavors and exciting experiences. We assured them there was no better place than Newport, RI to stop by, and even showed them around a few of our favorite spots. But not without first telling them a bit about our story

Newport Craft Foodquest filming
BarCino Newport Craft FoodQuest cocktail


Mixing it up with our Thomas Tew single barrel rum.


Midtown Oyster Bar

Took a “Rhode Trip” downtown… or should we say, midtown?

Special thanks to Phoebe and Daniel from FoodQuest, and to Bar’Cino and Midtown Oyster Bar for letting us get our film on mid-afternoon on a Wednesday!

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