our mission

To make excellent craft beers + spirits for the world and bring opportunity, and a lively, well-deserved break to our friends and neighbors.


our motto

Made of Sea & Spirit 

We make beer & spirits. And, in fact, our ocean air is a part of our distilling process. “Made of Sea & Spirit” may be aspirational but for those of you who’ve been to our island and breathed in the ocean air and walked our well-traveled paths…you know what we mean. It feels ‘big’ sometimes. It makes us want to do our jobs well; make it worthy. The best part though is this same Spirit, this Sea…it’ll knock us down too. One mother of a Nor’Easter will occasionally and unceremoniously leave a note pinned to our door that reads “It’s just beer. The parking lot needs plowing”.  

Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling Co.: Made of Sea & Spirit.