Who is this Thomas Tew Guy?

Taste the spice, oak, and bold blackstrap molasses notes in this exceptional spirit and enjoy knowing that you’ve found a rum like no other. Aged 3-5 years. Named after a pirate like no other.

Thomas Tew lived his life in Newport, RI as a member of a prominent family with his wife and their two daughters. What is recorded on the majority of Tew’s life is his adventures and travels as a famous pirate.

Thomas Tew Pirate Tale

Upon his arrival to Bermuda in 1691, Tew purchased a share in the sloop Amity. He was chosen as captain, gathered a crew of volunteers, and sailed with another sloop to capture a French factory in Goree, on the River Gambia as part of his privateering commission ( please see for full story: https://www.redwoodlibrary.org/blog/redwood-staff/2016/06/02/thomas-tew-and-pirate-utopia-libertatia).

Tales of Tew’s adventures live on in various forms. From a pirate colony in Madagascar where he was well respected, to his tumultuous travels through the Red Sea, and his untimely death by Arabian pirates. One thing is for certain, is that he brought plenty of Arabian gold back with him that the coins became common in his home ground of Newport and even in to New York City.

Tew is considered the third wealthiest pirate in history, amassing a fortune worth $111 million in his short three years of pirate adventures.