G-Rots First Brew

Garrett First Brew

“It’s rewarding to see the time spent working with experienced people and the hard work i’ve put into something pay off.” Garrett, Cellarman, started volunteering just about a year ago on the production floor. He began learning bits and pieces of this whole shebang, with a passion for home-brewing and a senior year schedule under his belt (let’s just say, Garrett had a bit of free time that he was willing to dedicate to us). After graduating from Roger Williams University in May, 2019 with a double major in Legal Studies and Political Science, he signed on to our production floor full-time.

We checked in with Garrett as he ran his first solo brew on September 10th, 2019. What he had to say about his experience thus far, and what is evident after seeing his growth in just a year, is that confidence and hard work go hand in hand.


Garrett’s everyday routine is a little bit different than when he first started. He learned with Luke, a talented shift brewer, and now works second shift with Pete, a long time brewer and distiller here, to finish up the brew. What was once a few hours of home-brewing in his kitchen with friends is now long days with much more responsibility. Switches, valves, pumps and more intimidating equipment make each day much more methodical and thought-out. “There are steps to a process and operating procedure that you have to follow, recipes you have to follow to ensure that everything each batch is as similar as possible", he explains.

“While brewing up Rhode Trip with Galaxy is exciting in knowing that you’re creating a product that people overwhelmingly enjoy, it’s exciting to think about what we can experiment with and where the trends of craft beer are going.” Garrett is interested in diving farther into wild beers and fermentation.

As changes are happening in the craft beer community, it’s no doubt that all of our brewers are itching to get creative. According to G-ROT, our team is full of knowledge about so many different types of beer that it’s all a matter of finding the time to switch it up and have fun.

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