Fall Stout SZN

It’s just about that time again, in RI.  The weather is slowly playing tricks on us, giving us an occasional glimpse of Autumn.  Just as we sift through the closet to find our finest fall flannels, summer returns and we spend another weekend on the beach, soaking it all in before it’s gone for good.

My favorite part of this “season in limbo” is preparation for stout season.  At Newport Craft we have a few pretty darn-good stouts that hit the shelves in late September.  However, I know that many people are often confused about stouts… So, read on.

What is the difference between a Stout and a Porter? 

              In 18th century Ireland, brewers began to experiment by creating medium bodied, dark beers with malted barley balanced by quite a bit of hops.  These beers were known as “porters”.   As time went on, brewers began to experiment (as brewers typically do) with porters by adding roasted barley and increasing the alcohol. These beers, then known as “Stout Porters” have evolved into what we know now as “stouts”.

              So, still, what’s the difference?  Well… technically nothing.  I assume it depends on the brewer that you ask.  Some will reference the higher ABV (although you may see a porter with higher ABV than a stout) and some will reference the roasted barley that is used in stouts (which gives it that coffee-like smell and taste).  The truth is, it is sort of a mystery. But here at Newport Craft, we’re always excited to get into STOUT SEASON.

Our Stout Selection:

- Fake Love -

This is a beer that we brew heavily in fall/winter and although its available year round, we tend to really thrive with it September-April. Fake Love is an English Dry Stout- again, using roasted barley to give it a dry, roasted character.  The coffee-like roasted barley and moderate roasted malt aroma define this beer.

Bitterness levels: medium - medium high.


Name origin: There’s many different stories floating around about how we came up with the name and the design… Truth is, I don’t think anyone really knows the answer.  We all just have our own version, or time in our life, that we were giving, or receiving, some sort of “fake love”!


- Infringement -

An annual, limited release beer.  This one is a heavy hitter!  Our Russian Imperial stout (Russian imperials were originally brewed in England and shipped to Russia for Peter the Great) is aged for 4-6 months in freshly emptied Thomas Tew Rum barrels. (Side note- if you haven’t tried our Thomas Tew Rum, go now, get a bottle and enjoy). The beer is brewed with the intent that it will mellow out in the barrel.  When first brewed, it is mostly undrinkable, but as it sits in the barrel, it begins to take on vanilla and sweetness from the rum soaked barrel.  While the beer itself mellows, the ABV actually rises- goes in at around 9% and comes out at 10%. 


The end result is a DELICIOUS stout that has everything you may want in a beer. Bitterness, sweetness, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, rum… it’s all there, canned up into one tasty treat.  But you need to be quick to get this one, as we only make a limited amount each year (and we have a lot of fans waiting for it).


Look for Fake Love on the shelves in by late September, and Infringement.  Both are also available in the tasting room cooler and on tap! 

Happy Stout Season!  

David Hall, Regional Sales Manager

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